CLARIOstar Plus

High performance Microplate Reader with Enhanced Dynamic Range


BMG LABTECH offers instruments for a multitude of applications in life science, drug discovery and research.

We provide our customers with the tools they need to choose what will work best with their applications. We offer a variety of instruments ranging from single-mode, absorbance detection readers to multi-detection readers with up to eight detection modes.

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BMG LABTECH microplate readers are used in a multitude of applications including food assays, microbial growth, cellular analysis, high throughput screening and many more.

We collaborate with all the leading reagent companies to optimize their assays, some of which can only be performed on BMG LABTECH readers.

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We purchased a new CLARIOstar and it is everything we expected and more! We now have the ability to do our usual fluorescence and absorbance measurements all in one machine plus so much more. The injectors have come in very handy for reproducibility with our fluorescent library screens. It seems to be a perfect match for our proprietary HyCoSuL and CoSeSuL technologies. We have so many more options with the CLARIOstar that we didn’t have with our old Gemini. Highly satisfied!
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
Throughout the years, I could always count on exceptional customer support and fast response time. I would highly recommend BMG readers for basic and high throughput research applications.
I have been using BMG Labtech plate readers for many years at several different laboratories. I highly recommend their products as they are well designed, work great, and are very user friendly. In addition, our local BMG reps are always very helpful and respond quickly when we need their assistance. I would highly recommend BMG Labtech products to anyone looking for a reliable, well-priced instrument with excellent support to back it up.
We have found [BMG LABTECH plate readers] to be of the highest quality, extremely reliable, and very intelligently designed. We strongly recommend BMG LABTECH as the instrument of choice…
BMG LABTECH plate readers not only meet our requirements, but exceed our expectations as well. …We have never had any maintenance needs, and even our oldest model is still running strong and in full use every day.
I have worked with many plate readers and have found the BMG to be the most sensitive and easy instruments to use. They are so versatile being able to do multiple spectral techniques (Absorbance, Luminescence, HTRF, etc.). Ever so rarely do they break down. When they do the BMG support staff is there to mitigate any problem – amazing service. Finally, the software is so user friendly it enables anyone to rapidly develop and analyze their data.
We use the CLARIOstar as our day-to-day workhorse to conduct a variety of cell-based and in vitro assays. The LVF monochromator technology has given us the freedom to rapidly optimize our current protocols, and develop new assays, while circumventing the repeated cost of purchasing bandpass filters. We recommend this instrument to any lab that requires a versatile, highly-sensitive microplate reader for medium- to high-throughput experimentation.
BMG LABTECH has impeccable customer service, from our regional representative to their tech service department in NC. I can always count on them responding in a timely manner and having a genuine commitment to resolve any issues we may encounter. Our PolarStar and ClarioStar are used extensively and keep churning out great data!
We have had the CLARIOstar plate reader for a year and we’ve been very happy about the instrument. It’s very sensitive in picking up even weak signals and has the unique orbital averaging feature that’s not available in other plate readers. The data analysis software is very powerful and intuitive to use, making post-assay data analysis much easier and more efficient. We also like its capability to do both top and bottom read for fluorescence and luminescence (versatile for many applications).
The PHERAstar FSX is an essential instrument for assay optimization and miniaturization at GNF, with stacker and barcode reader capabilities that allow for seamless integration with our screening campaigns.  This instrument is our “go to” instrument, with significantly faster read times and greater sensitivity than alternative readers such as the Envision, making it critical for 1536-well assays.  Not having to manually adjust for aperture size and easy to use all-in-one filter modules save users time and simplify the plate reading process.

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We are a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, and reliable microplate reader instrumentation.

By focusing on the needs of the scientific community, BMG LABTECH innovative microplate readers have earned the reputation of being a technology leader in the field. We’ve developed a wide range of dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers for life sciences applications and high-throughput screening.