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BMG LABTECH is a German-based company that has been producing microplate readers for twenty five years. All of our microplate readers are designed, developed, and produced at our headquarters in Ortenberg using high-quality components sourced primarily from Germany. We have daughter companies located in many countries thus we are able to offer you BMG LABTECH local support just about anywhere on the globe. 

BMG LABTECH focuses exclusively on microplate readers and our technological innovations have made us a leader in the field. We have a wide range of microplate readers that will satisfy the needs of life science and high-throughput screening laboratories alike. From single principle microplate readers to high-end multifunctional core and HTS laboratory readers, we offer them all and with our exceptional reader performance you’ll receive the best quality data possible from your assay.

BMG LABTECH’s highly technical staff is primarily made up of analytical chemists, biochemists, biologists, biophysicists, cell biologists, chemists, electrical engineers, optical engineers, mechanical engineers, pharmacologists, and physicists. Therefore, we speak your language and can assist you with your research. Contact BMG LABTECH USA via our web portal or give us a call at 877-BMG-LABS, we’ll be happy to help you.