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CLARIOstar with Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU)

Advanced environmental control for cell-based assays

When the CLARIOstar is equipped with the Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) cell-based assays can be performed with optimal confidence. Independent regulation of gas levels (CO2 and O2) is combined with temperature regulation to recapitulate the tissue culture incubator environment. Cell health can be maintained over extended periods and real-time, walk assays can be achieved. Furthermore, CO2 and O2 concentrations could be held at physiologically relevant levels or these levels altered to enable assessment of cell responses to stresses, such as hypoxia.

Further utility is derived from the ability to perform gas ramping using the CLARIOstar with ACU. Gas levels can be reduced and subsequently increased quickly, usually less than 30 minutes. This ability could be utilized to mimic the effects of ischemia / reperfusion that are characteristic of several diseases. The CLARIOstar with ACU is uniquely situated among microplate readers to enable cell based models for these diseases.

The ACU enhances the features that already made the CLARIOstar outstanding for cell based assays; sensitive bottom reading in all modes, numerous shaking options and optional reagent injectors for drug additions.

Features:clariostar with atmospheric control unit

  • O2 control range: 0.1 – 20%
  • CO2 control range: 0.1 – 20%
  • LCD touchscreen with intuitive user interface
  • Gas concentration curve display
  • Up to 10 user-definable presets
  • Superior valve control for minimal gas consumption
  • Integrated gas pressure regulators and sensors with acoustic alarm
  • Altitude correction for accurate gas regulation