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Frontiers in Proteolysis – Enzyme Kinetics in Banff, Canada

The International Proteolysis Society (IPS) held its 10th General Meeting in Banff Canada from 28 October to 2 November 2017. The IPS has been holding biannual meetings since its foundation in 1999 and consists of over 800 members worldwide that come together to form new collaborations and to see innovative science in protease research. While the venue choices help set an inspiring tone for these meetings (the 2015 meeting took place in Penang, Malaysia) it’s the high concentration of outstanding scientists that make these meetings a success year after year. This almost sounds like a reliable microplate reader could help facilitate some enzyme kinetics assays.

A few days before the beginning of each meeting, hands on workshops are held where Scientists from around the globe get together to learn from the experts in the field. This year, Scott Snipas had the pleasure of teaching the enzyme kinetics course along with Professors Guy Salvesen and Christian Sommerhoff. Sixteen trainees attended this year’s workshop from labs in Germany, Australia, South Africa and Norway. They discussed and applied principles of theoretical and practical enzyme kinetics with a special focus on proteases. Topics included substrate and inhibitor kinetics, steady-state, presteady-state and transient approaches, inhibitor mechanisms, slow versus fast binding, hardware, and software.

The workshop included both seminars and wet lab experiments. This year BMG LABTECH provided a CLARIOstar plate reader for the attendees to read fluorescence over time. The CLARIOstar was delivered on Wednesday and put through its paces all day on Friday and Saturday. After the workshop was successfully completed, we had a happy Scott Snipas on the phone. “Set up was extremely easy and it wasn’t long before the students were going at it without any help from the instructors. Data transfer to Excel was a breeze and everyone was very impressed on how easy it was to generate reliable data in such a short amount of time. The CLARIOstar is a fantastic piece of equipment that is not overly complicated and gives reliable results. We used but a fraction of what the CLARIOstar is capable of, but in the short amount of time we had for the workshop, it preformed beautifully. Thank you BMG LABTECH for loaning us the CLARIOstar for our enzyme kinetics workshop.”

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