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OMEGA Series

The Omega series is BMG LABTECH’s 5th generation of multidetection life science microplate readers. The OMEGA employs BMG LABTECH’s Tandem Technology (TT), which uses an ultra-fast UV/Vis spectrometer for absorbance and high performance filters for fluorescence and luminescence. The Omega offers the most measurement modes of any multifunctional life science reader and is a staple microplate reader for many academic and biotech research laboratories.

The OMEGA can be outfitted with essentially six different optical reading modes covering over ten different assay techniques allowing your microplate reader to handle nearly any assay. While highly versatile the OMEGA is also perfect for laboratories on a budget. All of the OMEGA’s options and technologies are field upgradable thus allowing expansion of capabilities as your needs dictate.


  • MycoAlert Ready Device
  • Transcreener Far RedFP Validated
  • Transcreener Red TR-FRET Validated
  • Transcreener RedFI Validated
  • HTRF Compatible
  • LanthaScreen Certification Plus
  • DLReady

The OMEGA can fulfill your microplate reader assay needs with the following modes and options available:

  • Fluorescence Intensity / FRET
  • Luminescence / BRET
  • UV/vis Absorbance / Spectrum capture
  • Fluorescence Polarization
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF)
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (TR-FRET / HTRF)
  • AlphaScreen / AlphaLISA
  • Bottom reading
  • Two reagent injectors
  • Point of Measurement Injection in all assay modes
  • 1536 well read mode
  • LVis microquantitation DNA plate
  • 45C or 65C Incubation options
  • Prion / RTQuik assay package
  • Advanced Assay Technology module for HTRF
  • Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU)

Pick and match any of these reading technologies to build your OMEGA:

Ultra-Fast UV/Vis Absorbance – The Omega uses an ultrafast spectrometer that instantaneously captures the UV/Vis absorbance spectrum of each well at speeds of less than 1 second per well (1, 2, 5 or 10 nm increments are possible). Makes quick work of DNA 260/280 analysis with the LVis plate accessory allowing 16 2uL spots to be read in less than 15 seconds.

UV absorbance

Fluorescence Intensity – A high intensity xenon flash lamp and carefully selected PMTs, coupled with high transmission band pass filters, provide a stable, low-noise signal platform for ultra sensitive fluorescence readings. The Omega can accurately read any fluorophore from 220-850 nm, including fluorescently tagged proteins, with low limits of detection.

Fluorescence Intensity

Fluorescence Polarization – Low mP variation is obtained due to simultaneous dual emission, a high intensity xenon flash lamp, carefully paired PMTs and high performance filters ensure low variability and good Z’ values.

Fluorescence Polarization

Simultaneous Dual Emission Detection – Available in fluorescence and luminescence modes for fast and precise BRET or FRET reads. Reading two wavelengths at once decreases read times and increases accuracy.

Simultaneous Dual Emission Detection

TRF and TR-FRET – Optional TRF reading head allows the Omega to obtain unmatched time-resolved fluorescence performance for a life science reader. The Omega can deliver HTS-like performance at a fraction of HTS prices.


Luminescence – Dedicated measurement electronics elevate the luminescence capabilities of the Omega to match stand alone luminometers.


AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA® – BMG LABTECH engineers have designed a specialized measurement mode and optical system to provide you with fantastic AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA® results with a modestly priced microplate reader.

In additional to reading modes you can further customize the OMEGA for your laboratory needs with the following options:

  • Reagent Injectors – BMG LABTECH has had optional reagent injectors in all of our reader lines and the instruments are initially designed with this feature in mind. The injectors inject at the point of measurement so that you don’t miss any kinetic data, can inject between 5 and 350uL per well in increments of 0.167uL, and have many options involving injection speeds and other parameters. They’re invaluable for dual luciferase, GPCR work, and many other kinetic assays that require injection.

AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA

  • Bottom Reading – a very popular option for cell-based assays, bottom reading allow you to avoid reading through buffer for direct excitation of your target located in the bottom portion of the microplate. Top reading is standard on the OMEGA.
  • Incubation to 65C – Some assays require higher incubation temperatures and the OMEGA allows you to increase the temperature to 65C. Coupled with the built in scripting mode you can perform temperature ramps over time adding another dimension to your plate based assays.
  • Atmospheric Control Unit – The Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) for the Omega series of microplate readers is the ideal tool for increasing throughput in cell-based applications, from standard cell growth to hypoxic assays or pH control. The ACU provides enhanced environmental control, independently regulating O2 and CO2 gas levels within the read chamber. Upon equilibration, minimal gas consumption is ensured by the superior valve control. In combination with the temperature control, the shaking options, and bottom reading detection, the ACU provides a versatile ‘walk away’ solution for long term cell-based assays.

Atmospheric Control Unit

  • LVis low-volume DNA plate – BMG LABTECH’s proprietary LVis Plate is a low-volume microplate that incorporates a cuvette slot and optional performance testing features. With sixteen micro-drop wells, the LVis Plate is ideal for quick and easy low-volume concentration measurements of DNA, RNA, protein samples, or spectral scanning. Its left- and right-handed physical support for an 8 channel pipette makes pipetting multiple samples simple and easy. Furthermore, the quick clean surface easily wipes clean to prepare for further measurements.

Low Volume DNA plate

  • Application specific plate carriers for Prion RTQuik assays