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Simple design, simple controls. Plug it in, set parameters and walk away!

The THERMOstar is a high performance microplate incubator and orbital shaker that can accommodate up to four microplates. The THERMOstar can be used for any enzyme or cell-based assay that requires strictly controlled, uniform incubation up to 56°C with effective mixing.

Temperature, shaking speed, and incubation time are fully programmable via a keypad, while the system parameters are displayed on the LCD in real-time. To ensure excellent assay reproducibility, microprocessor-controlled heating plates above and below the microplates provide excellent temperature uniformity with less than 0.6°C variation between any two wells.


  • Incubation up to 56°C
  • High temperature accuracy and uniformity across the plate
  • Microprocessor-controlled heating
  • Variable shaking parameters
  • Small footprint


  • MycoAlert Ready Device
  • Transcreener Far RedFP Validated
  • Transcreener Red TR-FRET Validated
  • Transcreener RedFI Validated
  • HTRF Compatible
  • LanthaScreen Certification Plus
  • DLReady