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Pre-owned Microplate Readers

When available BMG LABTECH offers certified pre-owned microplate readers for purchase. Our pre-owned equipment must pass our rigorous quality control standards, just the same as a new reader from our production floor, so you can purchase with confidence that the reader will meet your assay needs. Certified pre-owned BMG LABTECH microplate readers come with a one year parts and labor warranty plus the BMG LABTECH Control and MARS evaluation software.

BMG LABTECH is committed to your satisfaction as a BMG LABTECH customer and we still offer repairs and upgrades for all of our older microplate readers. Original FLUOstars, LUMIstars, Galaxy class, OPTIMA class, and NOVOstars are all fully supported by BMG LABTECH. Our service team stands by our equipment so you can be assured that your pre-owned BMG LABTECH microplate reader will have the same support and service as a new instrument.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote on one of these readers then visit the Contact Us page, select quote and other, and enter the model you’d like a quote for in the description section of the form.

Current inventory

PHERAstar Plus

The PHERAstar Plus is still an extremely high performance microplate reader for a multitude of assay formats. The PHERAstar Plus features fluorescence, absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, FRET, BRET, AlphaScreen (some models) and HTRF.  The PHERAstar Plus can still hold its own as one of the most sensitive microplate readers available for these assay formats and is highly regarded in HTS screening labs. The PHERAstar Plus series of microplate readers is optical module based and can use the same optical modules from all PHERAstar Plus derivatives. With the PHERAstar Plus incubation to 45C is standard, it is 6 through 1536 well capable, and includes the current PHERAstar control and MARS evaluation software plus one year parts and labor warranty. For more information see PHERAstar Plus brochure.



FLUOstar Galaxy

The FLUOstar Galaxy is a basic multifunction microplate reader that can perform filter based measurements in fluorescence, absorbance, and luminescence with both top and bottom reading. It can be equipped with two reagent injectors, and can read 6 through 384 well plates. The Galaxy comes with eight filters of the user’s choosing and can accommodate a total of sixteen filters. Incubation to 45C is standard. The Galaxy runs legacy control and evaluation software that does not have the MARS evaluation program, therefore data output will be in ASCII mode which can be analyzed in any spreadsheet or plotting program. Comes with one year parts and labor warranty. For more information see FLUOstar Galaxy brochure.




The NOVOstar is a unique multifunction reader that incorporates a transfer pipette to perform transfers between two microplates. Typically it is used for cell signally studies but it can be used for all manner of life science assays. The NOVOstar can read fluorescence, absorbance, and luminescence, with both top and bottom reading, can be equipped with two optional injectors, and accommodates sixteen filters. Incubation to 45C is standard. Comes with one year parts and labor warranty plus control and MARS evaluation software. For more information see NOVOstar brochure.


NEPHELOstar Galaxy

The original NEPHELOstar is BMG LABTECH’s first laser based nephelometer and can be used for solubility studies, turbidity measurements, cell growth, bacterial growth, and much more. The NEPHELOstar can be equipped with two optional regent injectors and has incubation to 38C. Like the Galaxy instruments that it is based on, the NEPHELOstar only comes with control software and data output will be via ASCII text files which can be imported and analyzed with third party software. Comes with one year parts and labor warranty. For more information see NEPHELOstar Galaxy brochure.


POLARstar Optima

The OPTIMA series is a family of filter-based single and multi-mode readers that was discontinued in 2015. The success of the OPTIMA Series has established BMG LABTECH as an industry leader in microplate reader innovations with its advanced functionality, easy-to-use control software and affordable price.