PHERAstar Modules

BMG LABTECH PHERAstar modules can be used in any PHERAstar microplate reader; the original PHERAstar, the PHERAstar Plus, PHERAstar FS, and the gold standard for HTS laboratories, the PHERAstar FSX. The modules listed here have been extensively tested by our scientists for the applications shown and are optimized those assays. You may purchase them with confidence that you’ll obtain the most from your assay and PHERAstar microplate reader. In the case of all fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, time resolved fluorescence, and FRET modules the first number will be the module’s excitation wavelength and the second and third numbers will be the emission wavelengths. For luminescence modules the numbers specified will be the emission wavlengths as there is no excitation.

If you need a module not available here, we’d be pleased to assist you. Please call our technical support team for more information at (877) BMG-LABS.

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