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BMG LABTECH’s low-volume DNA measurement plate is an extremely useful accessory for your BMG LABTECH PHERAstar FSX, CLARIOstar, OMEGA series, or SPECTROstar NANO microplate reader. The LVis plate features sixteen microliter drop volume spots that are perfect for quantitation of DNA, RNA, and protein samples. Templates in your MARS evaluation software automatically perform quantitation calculations for you so all you need to do is spot the LVis plate with 1 to 2µL samples and go.

LVis features:

  • 16 microliter sample spots with eight channel pipette guide
  • Reusable and easily cleanable sample slides
  • Automatic pathlength determination and cleanliness checks of LVis slides for optimal performance
  • Cuvette slot for measurement of standard 1cm cuvettes

The LVis is compatible with all current production BMG LABTECH microplate readers with a spectrometer. With the spectrometer you can have full spectrum measurements of microliter sized samples – all wavelengths in under one second per spot, so the DNA quantitation occurs much faster than with competing technologies.

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