Single Petri Dish / ABS Cuvette Adapter


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Single Petri Dish / ABS Cuvette Adapter

The single Petri Dish can accommodate one 55 to 65mm diameter Petri Dish for use in a BMG LATBECH microplate reader. The adapter will come with protocols for the OPTIMA, OMEGA, CLARIOstar, and PHERAstar series plate readers that will provide multiple read points in the Petri Dish:

  • 60mm 1536 well read
  • 60mm 384 well read
  • 60mm 384 scan, reads the 384 wells that overlay on the dish with a 5×5 matrix

The adapter can also be used for absorbance measurements of standard 1 cm path length cuvettes (sealing top required). Up to four cuvettes can be read at a time.

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