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BMG LABTECH Microplate Reader Control Software

The BMG LABTECH microplate reader control software offers users an intuitive and versatile interface to define test protocols. Users can easily define any sort of protocol needed in the lab; end point reads, kinetic runs, long term multiple day tests, high throughput screening protocols, tests with injection and shaking events, and even more complex multimode measurements. If your needs include logic decisions based on data results, such as “if…then…” or iterative decision processes BMG LABTECH offers a built in script mode which allows the integration of simple programming code with test protocols.

The BMG LABTECH microplate reader control software is included with every BMG LABTECH reader. BMG LABTECH does not license software to an individual computer or microplate reader, therefore, you can install the software on as many computers as you need. Our software policy gives you the flexibility to focus on your work by offering you convenience and flexibility in your laboratory. Our software is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and we do not charge extra for this feature so that you’ll always be ready for new challenges at any time.

Key Features

  • Absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence scans (depending on reader)
  • Real-time data display during measurement
  • Quick start button for “one and done” measurements
  • Well scanning with resolution up to 900 points/well
  • Orbital averaging for the measurement of heterogeneous samples
  • Fast (up to 50 ms/data point) and slow (multiple day tests) kinetic modes
  • Check time function for protocol optimization
  • Lockable / Run Only protocols
  • Automatic data transfer to the MARS Data Analysis Software
  • Data export into Excel®, dBase or ASCII
  • User defined ASCII format for your LIMS
  • ActiveX or DDE control for easier robotic integration
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance


Analysis Screencaptures

Predefined to User Definable Protocols

At BMG LABTECH we know that you’ve plenty of tasks to juggle in your laboratory life. Therefore we have included many predefined protocols in the control software that allow quick and easy access to the most commonly used applications. These protocols can serve as a base to create other protocols or be modified for your own version.

Predefined protocols include:

  • DNA/RNA concentration
  • protein concentration (Lowry, Bradford, BCA)
  • ELISAs,
  • Cell growth
  • OD600
  • NADH/NAD+ conversion
  • DLR®
  • ADP-Glo®
  • LanthaScreen®
  • HTRF® cAMP and IP-One
  • LANCE®
  • AlphaScreen®
  • AlphaLISA®
  • Transcreener®
  • Fluo3/4/8/ calcium flux
  • GeneBLAzer®
  • PathHunter®
  • Picogreen®
  • GFP and CFP-YFP
  • and many more

Many of these protocols are linked to MARS data templates for one click analysis of your data.

MARS Software Astronaut

MARS Data Analysis Software

BMG LABTECH has created its own unique and intuitive Data Analysis Software, MARS. MARS is a proprietary software package based upon the powerful MATLAB® mathematics environment and can be used to perform most any calculation used in a life-science, core, or HTS facility. This interface is included with every BMG LABTECH reader and is multi-user software that can be installed on as many computers as the user requires without the need to purchase licenses.

Current Software Versions

Reader Software CD Version Reader Control Firmware MARS Release Date
PHERAstar Series V5.41 V5.41 V1.22 V3.32 02.06.2018
CLARIOstar V5.40 E4 V5.40 E3 V1.21 V3.32 02.09.2018
NEPHELOstar Plus V5.11 E4 V5.11 R4 V1.43 V3.32 02.09.2018
OMEGA Series V5.11 E4 V5.11 R4 V1.43 V3.32 02.09.2018
SPECTROstar Nano V2.12 E3 V2.12 R2 V1.11 V3.32 02.09.2018
OPTIMA Series V2.20 R14 V2.20 R2 V1.26 V3.01 R2 12.20.2013
NEPHELOstar Galaxy V4.32 V3.07 V2.41 V2.41 11.06.2012
NOVOstar V1.30 R9 V1.30 V1.22 V2.41 11.06.2012