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Luminescence (including BRET)

Dedicated high performance luminescence

Luminescence is a key detection mode for microplate readers, both in the academic and high throughput screening setting. Analytically luminescence can be the most sensitive assay mode available, but the assays can be challenging and demanding on microplate instrumentation.

All BMG LABTECH microplate readers, from our entry level OMEGA platform, up to our HTS Gold Standard, the PHERAstar FSX, have a completely separate measurement system for luminescence. The system has a dedicated power supply and specially shielded electronics which reduce the background noise thus improving the signal to noise ratio in comparison with our competitors. Specific optics and apertures further increase the signal to blank measurements and work to virtually eliminate crosstalk between wells.

All of BMG LABTECH’s microplate readers are tested and validated for the leading luminescence assays: luciferase, dual luciferase, BRET 1 & 2, NanoBRET Nano-Glo, Chromaglo, SPARCL, and more so you can be sure the reader can handle your luminescence needs. BMG LABTECH stringently tests the luminescence performance of every reader that is built to ensure that it meets our IUPAC measured limits of detection that we specify. We do not produce readers with “typical” or “optimized” results that do not hold up under laboratory test – we produce excellent luminescence readers that will perform day in and day out with your assay in your laboratory.

Microplate Readers

The following plate readers can be configured to perform luminescence measurements.